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Rev.Dr.Rubin Adi Abraham

Ecclesiates 4:9-12

**in the south USA there is an orphanage which takes care 97 children, and they are take care well. But sometimes, the nurses don’t have time to speak with the children. After several months, the children have lost their appetite, they suffer from insomnia moreover they shout frightenedely at night. After one year, 27 children get passed away and also the following year. From 97 children, only 21 can survive. This is can happen because they don’t get any attention from nurses.

It is the same with the people who listen to a sermon over and over, but several don’t grow why then? Because they haven’t got a “touch” yet, they only get a “spiritual food”.

Acts 2:46-47 it is the story about the people who live in group and grow together so they can grow in their faith.

The advantage of being in a group

1. Keep Helping

The people who have a love certainly can give help to another one.

Galatians 6:2,Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ”

2. Keep warm to each other (Ecclesiates 4:11)

In the meaning that we can keep warm in soul and spirit to build our life.

3. Keep strong (Ecclesiates 4:12)

In the totality there must be strength.

Illustration: goose in Canada has unique method to face a winter season. The geese will move to south area in a group to get warmer area. Some separately researchers find a reason why they fly in group and form upside down “V” formation or like an arrow. Those flying modes probably make them reach a thousand mills, which impossible for them if they fly alone. By cooperating, can make a long journey became to short one.

In the Bible, there is a person who applies a Christianship love he is Philemon.

In the Philemon 1:1-2 explains about Philemon. He is an entrepreneur who loves God.

The characteristics

  1. Can became a blessing for other people
  2. Full of love and forgiveness
  3. Love to pray.

In the bible it explains about Abraham’s prayer which can impact to other people

That’s why, from today let us build the love of Christianship so our life will be blessed and can become a blessing for other people. Amen


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