Keep Trust To Our God PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joice Hadisiswoyo
Sunday, 27 July 2008 07:00

Rev. Dwijo Saputra
Session I 07/27/2008
Graha Bethany Nginden

Exodus 14 : 13

In our life, God never plans us a bad planning so we must not easily surrender if we have a problem. No need to look for help from other people, because for God nothing is impossible.

We must do three things when we believe in God :

1. Don’t Worry, because it can change our sight. Actually, the problem which we have is simple, but if we always think about it, the problem will become a big one. When we feel worried with our problems, it will be in vain because based on the research, 40% from anything that we are worried will never come true. And then 1/3 from anything that we are worried is the result from past time that can’t be changed. And then 12% of our worriness is caused from what other people say. And 10% caused by the disease. But don’t worry God never leaves us, use our time to think God’s kindness. Because in love nothing fear.

2.  Keep Survive
In this life we must finish a competition well. So we always survive if we have problems. If our basic is Jesus, we will be strong. Do our task, don’t trap to a problem.

3.  Look and see the blessing from God (Exodus 5:1-6)
In the Exodus 5 :1-6 it says that Moses who delegated to meet Pharaoh by God, and Moses keeps obedient. He always does anything which God delegates, but it makes Egiptian colonize Jews. The Jews have more burden, and then they protest to Moses and Moses says God will do the best for them. It is the same with our life, when we keep on praying and try to be loyal, our life seems more difficult. So we often think that we are in the wrong way, but actually we are in the correct way. So don’t be afraid, if we have problems pray to God, He will show His miracle for us. God always wait for us to surrender. So we will get a patient attitude. The people who have patience to waiting God’s time, their life will be wiser.


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