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Rev. Anthony Chang Sth. MA

In Romans 12:1-2 it is said that our life may not be same with this world, we must change. In this world there is a “thing” which makes us not the same with the world, it is a problem and a crime. For example a corruption, or a child who looks good at home but then we find that he has a problem, and this is the fact in life. Mathew 13:41 it is said that: in this world there is a criminal and reason. The reason can be moral, and the criminal is the person who does the crime.

Generally, as parents we forget to give a spiritual and moral education, we only give a formal education to our children. But actually a person’s character depends on the environment. Sometimes we find “world people” have more better life than Christian ones. But actually God says that our life must be a “world salt”. We must become a blessing for other people, and they must feel the good impact of us.

But there are some Christian people that can’t be trusted. The faithful ones are influenced in the environment. So we must change with the holy spirit, so we know of God’s wishes. We must be aware abour our tasks in the world. We must care our family, and know about the truth truly. Keep the fire in our life, give gospel, make something different, and do an important thing.


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